Our values

Behind every road work, construction site, or industrial work zone, is an unseen workforce who care about the safety of infrastructure that makes up our society and that we all rely on, every day, without a thought.

Our businesses are led by entrepreneurs, who had the vision to see that building and maintaining our society’s infrastructure could be made safe. They found the solutions to fix problems others were unable to see, and pioneered ways to make it happen.
They’re still doing it today. Inspiring their teams to see the opportunities to improve, giving them the knowledge, freedom, and resources to make them a reality.

Although today we are more than 5,000 people, we are often invisible, working together to keep people and workers safe. From the small, simpler risks like closing a path and cutting back a tree, to the larger complexities of maintaining high speed motorways, and planning the safety protocols of huge construction sites, we’re right here.

We come from every walk of life – all putting into practice what we know, caring enough to make the world that bit safer. 

A force for good. A caring force for a safer world.